Our Industry & Competencies


Traffic & Transportation 

Special components and system solutions for mobile applications 

Our mobile products especially distinguish themselves through their resilient coating structures, extremely robust decorations, as well as optically and haptically appealing surface concepts. Hereby, technical films, artificial leather, as well as bilaminate and trilaminate are used. 


  • Seat covers 

  • Roof liners 

  • Arm rests 

  • Center consoles 

  • Liner mats, floor coverings, and anti-slip inserts 

  • Foot protection applications 

  • Spray-suppression systems 

  • Trimmings 

  • Lordosis-leaning supports 

  • Sidewall coverings 

  • Trunk linings 

  • Bellows 


Building & Construction 

Protective and functional films for innovative construction projects 

Maximum reliability and safety, even under extreme conditions – that’s what it’s all about with our innovative solutions for special construction projects. Along with technical films, here sophisticated bilaminate and trilaminate play an especially prominent role. 


  • Sewer renovation – in-liner film 

  • Formwork films 

  • Cast film (among others, as matrix for concrete-cast processes) 


Sports & Health 

Intelligent solutions for your well-being 

We also offer tailored and health-promoting solutions in the area of sports & health. 

Special high-tech foams, various coatings and laminations as well as a broad service portfolio of bilaminates and trilaminates clearly satisfy the defined technical requirements, e.g. excellent shock absorption and padding, antimicrobial characteristics, comfortable haptic as well as a modern design. 


  • Sports and gymnastics mats 

  • Protective nets 

  • Mattress pads 

  • Seat cushions 

  • Drainage mats 

  • Base mats for floors intended for sports 


Work & Safety 

Product solutions for your work and safety 

Product solutions for work and safety continue to grow in importance in one’s professional and private life. We have been taking account of this development with our customer-individualized product solutions for years. Application-oriented foams, all-over coatings and laminations, dot and fakir coatings as well as bilaminate and trilaminate belong to our service spectrum. 


  • Anti-slip mats 

  • Comfort and anti-fatigue mats 

  • Mats for special industrial and work areas 

  • Loading and transport safety 

  • Storage space coverings 

  • Protective and trawl nets


Contract processing and laminating 

Intelligent finish solutions for your products from a single source 

Whether knitted fabric, nonwoven or woven - we process your products exactly how you want them. With our versatile machine park at two locations, we can specifically offer the following processing services: 


  • All-over coating of textile carriers 

  • Dot and fakir coatings 

  • Printing and varnishing of foams and films 

  • Embossing on foams and films 

  • Laminations (bilaminate and trilaminate, grit glue – flakes) 

  • Heat setting 

  • Trimming (longitudinal and cross section) 

  • Punching 

  • Cutting 


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