Our Production Possibilities


Film extrusion/ calendar coating  

Application method: 

Calendaring/ Nozzle application 

Utilized plastic: 

Coating grammages:

Finished-width spectrum: 

Inline options: 

Granulate/ Dry-Blend with basis of: PVC • EVA • TPO • TPU • PP • PUR • PE

120 g/m2 to 3.000 g/m2 

800 mm to 2.180 mm

Embossing • Trimming • Laminating  


Textile coating / Foaming 

Application method: 

Squeegeeing • Padding • Slop padding (Kiss-Coating) • Rotating stencil application  

Utilized plastisol/ Auxiliary textile agent:

PVC • PUR • Latex • Acrylate • Watery dispersions 

Coating weight: 

50 g/m2 to 4.000 g/m2 

Finished width:

Inline options: 

to 4.600 mm 

• Embossing up to 2,500 mm finished width  

• Gravure and screen printing with 6 plants up to 2,100 mm finished width  

• Varnishing up to 2,100 mm finished width  

• Trimming 


Surface area-finish 

Printing/ Varnishing:

Separate embossing and laminating:

Rotatable gravure printing with 6 plants up to a maximum of 2,000 mm finished width • Solvent, UV, watery lacquers 

• Up to 2,100 mm finished width  

• Maximum of 3 layers  

• Grit application (application of grit glue / flakes)  


Textile surface generation 

Machines and technologies: 

• Hosiery factory with machines of different performance and technology                  (crochet  fabric and rustling technology)  

• Manufacture of spacer fabrics, open and closed mesh structures and coating        carrier materials 

• Maximum finished width up to 4,800 mm 


Competence center development and pilot plants 

Pilot plants: 

• Development and sample production of films, width max. 60 cm and foaming of          max. 40 cm in pilot scale  

• Film plants including pelletizing extruder (wide-slit nozzle, rolling mill,                        granule plant)  

• Air-circulating oven for phase-outs and quality control  

• Color measurement including formulation, manufacture of color batch  

• Weathering, lightfastness, and UV check according to DIN EN ISO*, fire test              according to DIN 75 200 and DIN 54 837 


Other services




• Punching 

• Sewing 

• Packaging 

• Sorting, crushing and                compacting plastic waste 


Your benefits 

  •  Intensive support in the preparation of your product-specific requirements profile 

  •  Special developments and project realization in close cooperation with your specialist departments 

  •  Contract processing with material provision or full-scale business depending on customer request 

  •  Manufacture of your products according to specification / standardization 

  •  Problem solving with a high degree of innovation and quality 

  •  Great flexibility through

         - Versatile production possibilities at two locations 

         - Well-thought-through and speedy project implementation at all levels 

  •  All friedola and Wunderlich products are Made in Germany